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Best Friends Animal Society

Humane Pro (HSUS)

NACA (National Animal Control Association)

NCARCA (North Carolina Animal and Rabies Control Association)

NCAGR (NC Department of Agriculture)
Veterinary Division
Emergency Division
Euthanasia CET / Re-Cert

NCLEG (NC General Assembly Legislation & Statutes)
Representation – North Carolina General Assembly

NC Laws for Animal Control, Animal Protection, Public Health
NC – Cruelty – Consolidated Cruelty Laws (Article 47) | Animal Legal & Historical Center

NC Wildlife

​NLC (National Link Coalition)

NLECAA (National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse through the NSA)

NSA Animal Cruelty

Grants | HumanePro by The Humane Society of the United States

SNAP-NC Spay/Neuter Assistance Program of NC

Veterinary Public Health: Rabies

NC Animal Welfare Jobs

Animal Welfare Job Listings in North Carolina

Interested in joining the Animal Welfare Organization in your area? Job listings and volunteer opportunities are posted on each of these page links.

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

Government Jobs


NC Nonprofit Careers


North Carolina Animal Federation
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PO Box 4042
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

501c(3) Nonprofit Organization
Our ID is 56-0768375

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